01 October 2014
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Flexibility and easy adjustment are important requirements for many machining operations. It's important that materials can be easily and accurately positioned and then clamped down with force to prevent accidental slippage.

A range of hook clamps with collars from WDS Component Parts delivers extremely high clamping forces, along with rapid engagement and disengagement for ultimate flexibility in use.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of work holding components for machining and industrial applications, WDS offers a vast range of clamping tools which are designed for reliable operation.

The new range has been designed to complement the existing product catalogue; offering simple installation and quick clamping and unclamping for applications that require rapid adjustment. They apply direct, downwards force whilst retaining an extremely low profile, which is ideal for confined spaces.
Sales and marketing director Chris Putman explained: "We are always careful that, when adding new product lines, we introduce a range that our existing customers will find useful. The new hook clamps with collars have been developed following first hand feedback from our customers, and the range fits perfectly with our existing clamping products."

Standard hook clamps are available in a range of sizes with maximum clamping forces between 7.9kN and 13.5kN while CAM hook clamps are available with a clamping force of 10kN. The clamps are constructed from heat treated steel and supplied in a chemical black finish.

As with all of WDS's standard parts, the hook clamps are available with no minimum order quantity and without a small order surcharge. Orders can be made over the phone or online with most products available for same day despatch.

Paul Gay

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