04 March 2019
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Getting your fill of Loctite underfill!

The newly launched Henkel Loctite ECCOBOND UF 1173 is now available to order from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe.

This one-component epoxy underfill has been created for the next-generation of high reliability electronics applications, adding to the supplier’s range of specialty chemicals. It is designed to provide a uniform and void-free encapsulating underfill, which maximises a device’s temperature cycling capability and dissipates stress away from solder joints and connections.

Loctite ECCOBOND UF 1173 is described as fast curing and providing essential interconnect protection from shock, drop and vibration. It can be jet or needle dispensed, and is fast flowing in and around tight spaces. Furthermore, the innovative encapsulant has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and exhibits high glass transition (Tg) temperature capability of 155°C. Once applied, it boosts mechanical strength and provides robust environmental protection.

“Henkel’s new underfill system offers high performance in electronic applications for the aerospace and automotive sectors,” stated Ellsworth. “The increasing use of fine-pitch array devices, such as chip scale packages (CSP) and ball grid arrays (BGA), in these areas means that interconnect protection is essential for long-term durability and performance. ECCOBOND UF 1173 can withstand the high operating temperatures which exist within smaller, higher-functioning devices, whilst maintaining a high level of performance and processing.”

Manufactured with health and safety as a key focus, ECCOBOND UF 1173 does not contain any reportable REACH SVCHCs (as of June 2018), and is not CMR classified.

Brian Wall

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