02 June 2014
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Free screw thread calculator app

Hague Fasteners has released a utility for fastener professionals and design engineers, which lets the user can see all the data needed for Unified and Whitworth Imperial screw threads along with ISO metric and custom threads.

The company claims that the Hague Screw Thread Calculator App for iPhone will let engineers 'throw away those thread data tables and screw thread books' as the new calculator shows all the data needed for Standard UNC, UNF, UNEF, BSW, BSF, Metric Coarse & Metric Fine Threads.

Hague Fasteners have been manufacturing Custom Fasteners for Global Industry since 1971. Over the decades, the company has machined a wide variety of thread form and thread pitch combinations, relying on British, ISO, American, and other international standards to verify the data needed to produce critical components in all materials.

The Free App is available from the iPhone App Store now, with exciting updates already being worked on for imminent release. These include the facility to create any non-standard custom thread size and pitch combinations.

Paul Gay

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