01 February 2008
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Framing system demonstration

On 10, 11, and 12 March Henrob will be co-operating with two other companies - Vertex and Howick - to stage free demonstrations of their technologies and show how they work together to create a framing system. The events will be held at Henrob's plant in Deeside.

The first part of each demonstration will see Vertex giving an overview of its software and, in particularly, its advantages when used in the construction industry. A sample project will be designed to show the specific steel framing design process and customised joint details to work with Howick's framing machine.

A machine file will be created and Howick will offer a description of the machine and an update on its latest features and development. Then the file, which has been produced by Vertex, will be run from the machine.
Once a panel is produced Henrob will discuss the details and advantages of the self-piercing riveting system and how the process - which is widely used in the automotive industry - can be used in the framing and modular construction industries.

A frame will be produced and assembled using the E frame riveting tool.
The demonstration will conclude with a tour of the Henrob manufacturing plant. Refreshments will be provided.

Paul Gay

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