16 June 2021
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Flexicon extends abrasion rings for non-metallic cable protection systems

Flexicon has extended its range of abrasion rings designed to reduce wear and extend the life of non-metallic, corrugated flexible conduit.

The new range is now available to fit all conduit sizes in Flexicon’s non-metallic range, from 16mm up to 54mm, and features two self-tapping retained screws to make installation easier.

Abrasion rings are designed for applications where repeated or constant abrasion or chaffing of non-metallic conduit is a potential concern or hazard.

Flexicon’s product solution offers a further enhancement of mechanical protection in applications where the conduit may come into contact with other objects or surfaces through continuous movement or vibration. This helps to improve conduit longevity and performance and reduce repair or replacement costs throughout the life of the installation.

Typical applications include conduits used on portable equipment, to help protect cables when dragged across a floor, inter-car jumpers on trains or robotic arms with continuous movement.

A key benefit of the extended range is the ability to install retrospectively, anywhere along the conduit length. This enables installers to protect potentially vulnerable parts of the installation, and offers a cost-effective option to extend a conduit’s lifespan.

The abrasion rings are supplied as two half shells complete with the self-tapping, retained screws. These are wrapped around the conduit to create a mechanical barrier between the conduit and any surface that it may come in to contact with.

The product size is also marked on the shell to aid identification of the conduit size.

Installation involves lining up the rings’ internal ribs with the corrugations of the conduit. This helps to prevent movement and maintain the abrasion rings’ position on the conduit, providing a perfect and reliable fit first time.

Also, the new abrasion rings have been independently tested and offer extra low fire hazard properties, being self-extinguishing with low smoke emission and toxicity in the event of exposure to fire. Manufactured using PA66 material, they are also halogen, sulphur and phosphorous free.

They meet EN 45545-2 HL3, the European rail standard for fire safety and NFPA 130 for passenger safety and have RoHS and REACh accreditation. Flexicon is also an IRIS-approved manufacturer.

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