01 February 2010
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Customer demand spawns Flangeform’s big brother

BAS Components will be showing its portfolio of high performance threaded and non-threaded fasteners for use in aluminium and steel at the Hendon Fastening & Assembly Solutions Exhibition.

A broad range of the company's offerings will be available for inspection including the flagship fastener range of in-die nuts and studs has been developed for use with thinner and more ductile materials. The Flangeform product is significantly lighter than its competitors and is thought to be particularly cost effective for the customer.

Last year BAS Components identified a need for a system with high pull out resistance that would suit a heavier gauge of material than existing products. Since then the company's design team has been busy developing a high strength captive fastener system that would suit heavier duties than its existing Flangeform range.

They came up with Gripform, a heavy duty captive nut which offers a large area behind the plate to provide a very high pull out resistance while retaining a small body to save cost and weight as well as offering a flush surface on underside. This not only makes for a good joint interface and therefore joint integrity but also leaves a cosmetic finish without obstruction.

Also on display will be a range of cold-headed products and 'manufactured to print' products demonstrating the company's ability to significantly reduce costs.

Come and meet BAS Components at the Fastening & Assembly Solutions Exhibition, 11th March 2010, at the RAF Museum Hendon.

Paul Gay


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