27 May 2021
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Clevis fasteners in kit form ensure simple selection

WDS Components is now offering clevis fasteners in kit format for faster and simpler specification, design and ordering. The kit contains all the parts required to complete a secure fastening and is available in a wide variety of sizes and options.

Widely used in machinery automation and automotive manufacturing, clevis fasteners form pin joints with a wide range of uses, from attaching machine shock absorbers to rod ends for gas struts. The clevis fastener comprises a clevis fork, clevis pin, a washer and a pin or clip used to secure the joint. WDS now supplies these components combined in an easy-to-order kit, removing the need for the customer to specify and select individual components.

Enabling faster design, the kits have a single part number and CAD file for download and import. Negating the need for four or more separate files when ordering clevis kit components separately, this makes design a much faster process. CAD files in a wide range of formats can be downloaded free of charge from wdscomponents.com.

The kit format also ensures compatibility according to fitting type required and size, saving time in ordering and speeding up manufacturing operations.

The kits are available in robust zinc plated steel (part number WDS 551) or, for hygienic applications or where the highest resistance to corrosion is required, 304 stainless steel (part number WDS 851). Both kits are available with male and female fittings and a wide range of 43 sizes, from thread M4 to M12.

The kits also have a range of fasteners to offer a choice depending on security of closure combined with ease and speed of fitting. While the cotter pin provides the highest security of fastening, the spring clip affords the greatest ease of installation and the E clip is a balance between the two designs.

To ensure compatibility with both new and existing applications, the components have DIN numbers meaning that they conform to a metric standard. The clevis forks meet DIN 71752 and the other components also carry a DIN number where required.

WDS carries a large range of stock in all sizes of both clevis kit types and can fulfil orders ranging from single units up to five-digit bulk quantities.

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