03 December 2021
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Chemique Adhesives launches instant-grab spray adhesive

Bondtak 2080 from Chemique Adhesives is a synthetic, rubber based heavy-duty aerosol adhesive that uses ozone friendly propellants specifically developed for a quick, clean, and convenient spray application without sacrificing excellent instant grab properties.

The multi-purpose spray adhesive is suited for foam and fabric conversion, but can also be used to bond several substrates to a variety of materials including aluminium foil, wood, plastic, metal, insulation, fabric, cardboard, and paper.

The adhesive can be sprayed onto both substrates to be bonded, which, when consolidated will form an instant bond. However, with more lightweight or fibrous materials a one-way bond can often be achieved.

Bondtak 2080 is the ideal solution for industrial and commercial projects alike, offering outstanding performance benefits such as a high initial tack, good hot strength, and a high solids content.

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