22 February 2021
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Bollhoff helps develop fire extinguisher bracket

German fire extinguisher manufacturer umlaut now assembles its halon-free HAFEX fire extinguishers with a Bollhoff TEPRO bracket.

The extinguisher is intended for aircraft cabins. It was intended to be a drop-in replacement for previous generations of fire extinguishers.

Some markets, such as the USA, require a bracket to be included with every unit delivered. However, the previously used brackets were heavy and made of metal screws covered with rubber, which were screwed together in a complicated way, according to Boellhoff.

The new bracket had to be extremely robust, easy to assemble, lightweight and furthermore a compatible part of the whole HAFEX packaging.

Bollhoff and umlaut worked closely together in order to create a new individual bracket. For an efficient bracket production, the injection moulding process was optimised and every activity in the project closely supported.

The new developed, one‑piece bracket, made of Bolhoff's proprietary engineering plastic TEPRO, is said to be highly stressable, recyclable and weight‑reduced. Five thousand pieces per year will be delivered to Hamburg in the future.


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