29 April 2021
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Atlas Copco launches first integrated smart tool range

Evolving its ‘Smart Connected Assembly’ philosophy to the next level, Atlas Copco Tools and Industrial Assembly Solutions has launched a brand-new tool range with in-built controllers.

The Tensor IxB family is a collection of cordless industrial tools that share an integrated controller platform, making it the first generation of Atlas Copco products to feature internal controllers.

Challenging the current factory set-up, which has tools linked to a separate digital controller that processes data from each operator unit, the wireless Tensor IxB range does not require a standalone controller. This enables the data management platform to run directly from the tools themselves, which can be integrated into the manufacturer’s production system.

Each tool can be set up with different tightening programmes, positioning tags and socket selectors, which include tool heads with 360-degree rotation for tackling difficult and critical tightening applications. A virtual copy of the integrated controller settings and data backup is recorded on a smartcard, which can be moved between tools. This provides flexibility to the assembly line, for setting up new stations and rebalancing existing ones, as well as reducing the risk of human error.

Commenting on the launch of its new tool range, James McAllister, General Manager, Atlas Copco Tools and Industrial Assembly Solutions, said:

“In response to regulatory and technological demands that impact how new factories are designed and operated, the launch of Atlas Copco’s Tensor IxB platform continues to reinvent the assembly process by enabling customers access to a tool family which is lighter, faster and smaller, yet delivering the same, powerful performance of cabled digital tools.”

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