29 September 2021
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ARaymond launches counterbalance configurator tool

Associated Spring RAYMOND, a global provider of pre-engineered solutions and standard catalogue products, has launched a counterbalance configurator tool that makes it easy to identify the right gas strut for a specific application.

This tool is said to feature advanced dynamic algorithms to build product recommendations based on user-provided application dimensions. The tool understands application nuances and delivers a selection of gas struts that meet the size, stroke, and force requirements of an application.

As a result, the tool will narrow down its collection 12,000 gas struts to the parts best suited for the application. An added benefit of this tool is the ability to visualise the force and motion control of the handle load curve during the lifting process. Users can set the boundaries for acceptable load limits, including maximum lift weight, and view the range of handle loads and their corresponding struts in mounting position.

Having the right gas strut for the application allows engineers and businesses to begin prototyping much quicker to meet their customers’ evolving application demands, according to the company. Additionally, customers can purchase products directly from the Associated Spring RAYMOND website.

“With more than 12,000 gas struts and endless application variables, selecting the gas strut needed can be a daunting task," said Robert Thompson, global product manager. "We wanted to make it easier for our customers to find exactly what they needed within our standard offering. This tool does exactly that.

"It does the work for you and provides the flexibility to evaluate different options within your design.”

The Counterbalance Configurator Tool is intended for use in the marine, heavy-duty truck, medical, and campervan industries.

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