15 November 2019
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New on-site vending machine solves missing parts problems

FAST Live 2020 Exhibitor Staytite has come to the aid of customers by introducing an innovative new solution to the occasional and inconvenient ‘Work is temporarily held up because we’re missing a part’ problem.

Recognising that this situation can sometimes occur even in the best-run factories, Staytite’s solution is a vending machine which instead of providing tea and coffee, contains a wide selection of typically-used shop-floor products including PPE, tapes, glues, aerosols, stationery, IT accessories, cleaning equipment and a selection of other essential items, all ready to aid workflow should the need arise. The company claims that its new machine is ideal for businesses wanting to allow individuals to instantly acquire vital items without the need for a formal order process - which can take time, paperwork and often disproportionate resource to action.

Staytite’s vending machine doesn’t just release urgently needed products when they are required: it also recognises the need for accountability by automatically recording all usage. When an individual vends an item, the action generates a ‘sale’ that is consolidated into a detailed and itemised report provided to the customer on a pre-agreed schedule (monthly is typical), thus further streamlining an already practical and efficient solution. The company provides customers with administrative logins so that they can take advantage of ‘cloud’ access to their machines, which also allows them to view stock levels in real time as well as accessing either scheduled or interim usage reports.

Staytite is offering live demonstrations of its vending machines and cloud connected smart bin systems at its headquarters in High Wycombe, and the company will also have full details available to FAST Live exhibition visitors at Engineering Solutions Live at The British Motor Museum, Gaydon, on March 12th 2020.

Further information from:
Tim Millson, Staytite Ltd. 01494 462322.
email vending@staytite.com

Tom Austin-Morgan

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