12 March 2021
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Adhesive simplifies cylindrical strain gauge application

Installing cylindrical strain gauges - for testing strain, force and vibration measurement in screws and bolts - is much easier with a special new adhesive called EP70, according to test and measurement firm HBK.

Bolts of such gauges are usually tubular, making it difficult to monitor their behaviour with a typically flat-shaped strain gauge. Cylindrically-rolled strain gauges can be used instead, but their design is harder to mount on to test objects.

The gauges are used for connecting a wide variety of components such as motors, turbines, fans, generators, wheels and propellers.

To overcome this issue, HBK created the EP70 adhesive to fit cylindrical strain gauges safely and securely into screws and bolts. The two-component glue cures under heat (three hours at 60°C). It is said to be suitable for use in areas with a wide temperature range (from -40°C to 70°C) making it ideal for testing across many industries such as automotive, shipping and manufacturing.

HBK also offers an application guide for choosing its other adhesives for strain gauge duty, available via the link below.


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