07 September 2021
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Adhesive chosen for lens active alignment process

A manufacturer was looking for an alternative adhesive for its automotive camera module line. Its current active alignment process was slow, driving down throughput.

The application was to bond a plastic camera lens to a printed circuit board during an active alignment process.

Its requirements included that the adhesive be light- and heat-curable; offer high bonding strength without degradation, as well as excellent test performance at 85degC/85% relative humidity. The adhesive also had to have a high thixotropic index and be compatible with its existing dispensing and curing equipment.

The Dymax 9803 low-shrink epoxy adhesive offers a high nominal viscosity of 86,000cP; light-cure and heat-cure at 80degC; low volumetric shrinkage and water absorption; low outgassing as per NASA ASTM E595.

Dymax was able to offer a solution that allowed the manufacturer to reduce their overall processing time by 79%, as well as achieve higher bond strength, a reduction in shrinkage, and lower shipping and handling costs.

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