02 July 2021
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70 Shore A water clear polyurethane released by Techsil

Since EU regulation changes in 2017, water-clear polyurethanes with a low enough mercury content to pass guidelines have been difficult to come by. BJB has been working on completely reformulating the chemistry of water clear urethanes and has released the first grade in its new WC range.

WC 70 AM is said to be a completely water clear, 70 Shore A polyurethane with UV light and oxidation resistance. It contains no mercury or phthalates and produces a colourless, flexible material.

It is a two-part, alphatic-based polyurethane elastomer recommended where a flexible, permanently transparent material is required. This grade can easily be pigmented to clean bright colours.

WC 70 AM does not contain mercury, phthalates or TDI. It is compatible with tin- and platinum-cured silicone materials and is RoHS/REACH compliant.

The product offers 12 - 14 minutes work time, 16-18 minutes gel time and 6-9 hours of demould time (which can be reduced with the application of heat).

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