05 April 2019
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Supporting professional solutions, day or night

Tradesmen realise more than most the impact of lighter evenings and warmer mornings in the UK.

It was originally a builder, William Willett, who proposed moving clocks forward in 1916, leading to the creation of British Summer Time (BST). tesa is one company that recognises the continued importance of environmental factors, such as varying temperatures, and how this can affect the quality of performance

tesa Professional 4843 is specially designed to protect sensitive profiles and facings. This plastering protection tape is especially convenient at this time of year on projects such as outdoor rendering, as it withstands cold temperatures overnight, but remains suitable when temperatures are higher during the day.

“tesa not only understands, but responds to, the professionals’ need for quality in all conditions, temperatures and environments,” says the company. “tesa Professional 4843 provides optimum protection for painting, plastering and other applications that require high adhesion power, including adhesion to steel. The adhesive compound and backing material mean these tapes are not only extremely precise, they are also particularly weatherproof and both humidity and UV-resistant. The combination of waterproof functionality and tear-proof, highly equipped backing results in a product that remains stable for a long time in all weathers.”

Outdoor rendering is a popular technique that is often used to add fresh new coating to houses with discoloured brickwork. Tape, such as tesa Professional 4843, is growing in popularity for such projects, as it is suitable for rough surfaces and outdoor applications, offers good protection, promotes conformability and gives professionals the best opportunity to create razor-sharp colour edges.

Comprising of a supple, tear-resistant, soft PVC film and coated with a special aging-resistant adhesive compound, this plastering masking tape protects the surfaces of sensitive profiles, frames and facing from soiling or damage through plastering material or tools. The tape is insensitive to humidity, weak acid and alkaline solutions, as well as to many chemicals. “No paint bleed, no unsightly residues, just the performance values the tesa range delivers on,” adds the company.

Painting and decorating professionals are expected to produce perfect results quickly, all year round. Using inferior or general masking tapes is a false economy. Using the wrong tape for the job can have expensive repercussions and, besides flawless paint edges, it’s the reliability and performance of products appropriate to relevant conditions that provides a valuable advantage.

As Donna Smith, trade marketing manager, tesa UK, points out: “General-purpose masking tapes will be affected by sunlight after only a few hours and will leave residues on removal. tesa Professional 4843 has been designed specifically with this in mind. This humidity and UV-resistant tape is the perfect companion for professionals looking for a solution that remains suitable when temperatures are unpredictable or can vary in short periods of time.”

Brian Wall

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