12 December 2018
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Mounting an offensive

A customised clip system that has transformed the installation of removable panels in the interiors of yachts is now extending its reach into architecture, automotive and aviation.

For years, boat builders faced a number of problems when mounting removable panels in the interiors of yachts. This includes the difficulty in positioning these panels precisely or securely, with the result that often they end up sagging or falling down. Another drawback is the time it takes to install them in the first place.

Fastmount recognised these problems and saw this as an opportunity to develop a clip system specifically for the marine industry, to meet the challenges that occur when installing panels.

Thirteen years on, more than 500 boatyards in over 40 countries now use the Fastmount Panel Mounting System. With its exceptional performance in the marine sector, it has since attracted companies in the architectural, automotive and aviation industries. Now JET PRESS has increased its product range to include the Fastmount panel mounting clip system.


When installing panels, boat builders have many factors to consider: safety, regulatory compliance, extreme wind and climate conditions are just a few. Consequently, panels need to stay securely in place and resist vibration when boats and yachts are in rough seas.

Installation of the Fastmount panel clip system is described as fast and accurate, providing the requisite precision in panel alignment. Also, the clips can be quickly removed and refitted to precisely the same location in any order, many times over and over again.

A luxury and elegant feel is usually a necessity within the yacht industry. Interior upholstery throughout needs to meet the highest levels of comfort – and this doesn’t stop at the seating and accommodation area. The panel clips are said to offer the added benefit of being a hidden fixing to maintain the feel of grandness and splendour.


The panel clips are available for a variety of panel types, from thin foam upholstered panels to cushioned bed heads. They have been designed to accommodate different panel depths and substrates. Also, Fastmount has specially designed a range of tools to ensure the installation of the clips is significantly fast and accurate so that a visual inspection reveals a flawless finish.

JET PRESS offers a wide range of this panel clip system, which, it points out, “combines speed, versatility and accuracy to save time, which leads to reduced costs”. It also supplies installation and removal tools to ensure quality, reliability and consistency.

Following exceptional performance in the marine sector, panel mounting clips are now seen as principal products to use in architectural, aviation industries, shop-fitting, office furniture, acoustic screens, industrial and automotive industries, adds Jet Press. “For example, architects and designers have discovered the benefits of using Fastmount panel clips in the design or renovation of modern houses and commercial buildings. Instead of using nails or screws, which are visible in plasterboard or plywood panels, they have turned to using Fastmount panel clips.”

The Fastmount clips PC-VM1 and PC-F1A are recognised for their high shear strength and variable gap characteristics. In recognition, these clips have recently been used in a multi-million dollar building in the Science Centre at the University of Auckland. The project involved mounting large veneer panels covering three flights of stairs.

“The use of Fastmount allows panels to be removed and replaced non-sequentially, ensuring the fastest turnaround in a refit environment when time is of the essence. Fastmount allows any panel to be removed at any time, without having to remove surrounding panels, as is the case with traditional methods such as French cleat,” concludes JET PRESS.


  • Mounted behind the panel, providing a superior finish
  • Easy fitting and removal, optimising time and saving money
  • Supports heavy weight panels, and enables fixed panels and the support frame to flex and expand to prevent damage caused from strains or detachment
  • Clips and sockets are interchangeable with each other to deliver the right solution, according to need
  • Uses hardwearing polymer materials, allowing multiple removals and attachments, reducing costs
  • JET PRESS supplies the standard Fastmount range, low-profile clips and a selection of installation tools, tailored to requirement.


Brian Wall

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