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Fond farewell to bighead founder Ken Stanley

Ken Stanley, inventor of the bigHead Bonding Fastener and founder of the company bigHead, has died aged 94.

Tracking down the right solutions

Just as other major global industries, mass transit continuously strives to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce running costs.

Clinching the deal

FAST speaks to BTM (UK) Automation Products managing director Mark Firmin about the company’s clinching process, the renowned TOG-L-LOC sheet metal ...

On a Mission!

Mission Motorsport is run by veterans, serving officers and motorsport professionals - and the work they do is invaluable


What are the main factors that need to be understood when engineers specify springs today? Lee Spring MD Chris Petts provides some vital insights ...

Advanex Europe hailed national champions

Advanex Europe has been recognised in Europe’s largest business competition

Some like it hot!

Everyone seems to be demanding high performance at higher temperatures from adhesives. But that can come at a price


How can you solve a design challenge for a bolted joint that incorporates polymers and composites? Nord-Lock offers some insights and solutions

Additive manufacturing crosses the finishing line

Formula Student is Europe's most established educational motorsport competition, bringing together industry leaders, high profile engineers, ...

The Light touch

For the uninitiated, selecting and using adhesives for a manufacturing process can be a daunting prospect. How on earth are you supposed to know ...

Designs aid bounce-back of UK manufacturing

From engines to trim, toys to medical devices and instrumentation to valves, the Lee Spring capability to quickly create application specific springs ...

More speed - less RSI

Screwdrivers with automatic feeds speed up production and help overcome repetitive strain injuries

Weighting and watching

Car manufacturers have increasingly looked to light metals and alloys – typically aluminium and magnesium – to provide the route to weight reduction

Mission complete!

When professional prop and model maker Tony Hitchcock was seeking a heavy-duty slide for a replica Spitfire canopy, his mission took him to Chambrelan

An uncomfortable reality

EvoBus was keen to distinguish its premium bus seat offering to customers – enhanced comfort won the day

tesa holds up mirror to success

When Hammonds Furniture was looking to streamline its production processes, the company turned to tesa for its industry knowledge and expertise

Smooth operator roller cam suits quarter-turn locks

A new roller cam from FDB Panel Fittings is offering a number of benefits

Francis Kirk Group in ambitious export drive

Engineering and fastening business Francis Kirk Group has expanded its geographical reach with the appointment of a distribution partner in the ...

Weighting and watching

Car manufacturers have increasingly looked to light metals and alloys – typically aluminium and magnesium – to provide the route to weight reduction

Bolting the door on bolt and nut loosening

Dismountable, yet durable, screw joints are commonplace solutions to many application challenges, but all too often this brings its own downsides. Is ...

Foresight invests £1.5m in Camloc Motion Control

Designer and manufacturer of gas springs and dampers, Camloc Motion Control, has set out its plans for growth, having secured investment from ...

Adhesives hit the fast lane

Adhesives have become a key technology in the automotive industry, as they continue to replace other fixing methods

Goal: zero internally threaded fastener defects

New high-speed sorting technologies, including vision based hole and thread detection, are said to be making traditional methods obsolete

Elesa: 75 years of celebration

As Elesa (UK) Ltd notches up 25 years and the Elesa Group celebrates its 75th, FAST finds out what’s behind their continuing success.

Dual-curing adhesives: two for the price of one

As applications become more and more complex, the demand for adhesives with multiple curing mechanisms is significantly increasing. These hybrid ...

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