TFC's Technical Team Assists Product Rationalisation

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With over 50 years of experience within the fasteners industry, TFC Europe Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of technical fastener components to industry. We have an unrivalled reputation for delivering innovative products, supply solutions, and exemplary service to help our customers achieve breakthroughs in product development and new standards of manufacturing efficiency.

Our field sales and internal technical engineers work closely with our customers to supply the most cost effective and the most efficient mechanical solution for their fastening needs.

Whether the problem lies with increased strength, higher temperature performance or more versatility, the range of product options we can offer is large. We are regularly being confronted with the demands for space saving options, and this can sometimes be solved with the supply of an alternative design but, sometimes the solution can be achieved with part reduction by combining several components into one.

A typical example of this would be the replacement of threaded screws and nuts with either a spring steel or injection moulded alternative that achieves the end result with only one component. Reducing parts is central to successful innovations because being able to replace two or more components by a single piece comes with advantages, but the solution also offers other benefits. These benefits include reduction of packaging size, weight reduction, decreased storage space, faster assembly processes, reduction of incorrect assembly, prevention of recalls & rework and more.

Here at TFC we place much emphasis on the partnership created with our customers, and this is achieved in no small measure with the relationship with our field and internal sales engineers. Justin Lawrence, one of our product engineers based in our Heathfield branch has been supporting our customers for over 15 years and has been confronted on many occasions with applications requiring product rationalisation due to space and weight limitations.

Justin's role is to support both our field sales engineers and, most importantly, our OEM's in coming up with appropriate solutions when confronted with a fastening requirement. Justin says, “By relying on the close relationship with our Area Sales Managers we can get a deeper understanding of the OEM’s requirements, made possible by his experience in the field and my practical knowledge of our entire product ranges. This goes from pin-pointing existing solutions to support the OEM’s teams in developing new products, by offering a complete overall service”.

For more information on how TFC can help you with your product development call us on +44 (0)1435 866011.