STAYTITE FAST EXHIBITION SEMINAR – If you couldn't attend, here is a synopsis; further details on request

Michael Moore, Technical Sales Manager at Staytite spoke on the subject of securing against vibration and solutions to the loosening of fasteners

When fasteners come loose through vibration, the quality reputation of a product can be undermined. More importantly product failure can also be costly in so many different ways. Loose fasteners that have resulted in accidents have led to serious injury and death, and the Staytite seminar explained some of the causes of vibration and highlighted practical design solutions for engineers across many industry sectors with the focus on applications featuring nut and bolt jointed assemblies. Live demonstrations helped to illustrate the causes of loosening by vibration in fasteners, and discussions continued about how some solutions appear to work but don't, what really is effective at resisting vibration, and what lessons had been learned from a variety of applications including railways