New EU10/2011 Compliant Adhesives from Permabond

Permabond is expanding its established range of food safe epoxies, to include two new room temperature curing adhesives, formulated specifically to comply with EU food contact regulations 10/2011

Permabond ET5160 is a clear, low viscosity and slow curing, 2:1 adhesive which is ideal for filter potting applications, while ET5161 is a grey, lightly thixotropic and faster curing, 1:1 product. Both products have been designed primarily to provide high strength bonds on stainless steel in food contact applications, however they will also bond a variety of other materials including steel, aluminium, plastics and composites. They also offer excellent temperature resistance.

Applications for these products range from food and beverage filters – potting filter media into endcaps or for bonding mesh filters or strainers to frames. Other uses include general bonding applications for catering equipment, machinery and kitchen goods.

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