Elesa's flexible hoses direct process fluid

The Elesa FH flexible hoses are composed of rigid tube segments snapped together. Assembled, they direct the coolant jet as required while remaining stable even in harsh, vibration prone environments, according to the supplier.

FH hoses are available in ¼ in or ½ in bore sizes with matching components and can be shortened or extended as each segment clips together to ensure liquids can be easily, quickly and accurately directed exactly where needed. They are suitable for a maximum input pressure of 4 bar. Features include a magnetic base for convenient placement and ball valve for independent flow rate adjustment.

This Elesa FH system fits all types of machine tools where fluids need to be directed onto a workpiece for material removal and finishing such as cutting, grinding, broaching, tapping, turning or polishing. Another typical example would be in surface treatment processes for washing off of chemicals.