Case Study: Techsil provide bonding solutions for automotive seating application.

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The increasing demand for more comfort, quality and visual appeal for automotive interiors as well as economical and environmental aspects are the key drivers for automotive interiors designers when selecting new textiles, fabrics or new decorative trim solutions. Some of these new materials can be difficult to bond and require advanced adhesive assembly technologies to enable customers to meet current and future interior automotive specifications.

Techsil currently supply a range of hot melt adhesives and tapes into key Tier 1 automotive seat suppliers. One such supplier was looking for a fast assembly solution on the rear seat unit of a sport utility vehicle. The application required the bonding of the rear carpet finisher to the powder coated metal frame. The increased demand for the vehicle meant a fast curing solution was required, but not too fast as the operator needed enough time to apply the correct bead pattern to the frame to ensure maximum coverage. The customer also required a high temperature resistance, above standard hotmelt EVA specifications of 60°C to 80°C.

Techsil 6811-43 was selected for testing. Techsil 6811-43 has a softening point of 150°C and a temperature resistance of 110°C. Techsil 6811-43 also has a flexible low temperature of -30°C (TG). Extended environmental and physical tests proved successful. As the vehicle build increased, a faster assembly process was required. This meant more operators in the production cell. The customer chose to install bulk melter tanks with dual hoses. Techsil were asked for a bulk version of the Techsil 6811-43 and Techsil HM27399 was developed. This bulk grade has all the same specifications and passed all of the tests. Both forms are now used on the line.

Techsil also offer a range of double and single sided tapes and foams. The same customer was looking for a double sided tape to assist in the assembly of an armrest. They required a double sided hand tearable tape to hold the foam filler to the armrest base whilst they assembled the leather cover over the foam. D3051 is a double sided tissue tape with an acrylic adhesive. Being hand tearable means it is quick and easy to use on the line. The acrylic adhesive gives enough tack to hold the foam whilst the cover is fitted.

Techsil offer a full range of hot melt adhesives and tapes for the automotive market.