FDB hinges with removable pins for specialist panels

Hardware company FDB Panel Fittings have addressed the needs of panel builders and installers with a range of removable pin hinges.

Spring clip specially engineered for air handling unit

The prevalence of airborne pathogens associated with the global COVID-19 pandemic has spawned a host of air quality filtration regulations in commercial and residential buildings.

Evonik develops sustainable amorphous poly-alpha-olefins for hot melts

Evonik is expanding its portfolio of amorphous poly-alpha-olefins for the adhesives industry to include a sustainable product range.

Bostik extends Born2Bond offering with new range of not CLP-classified anaerobic adhesives

Bostik has recently launched a safer and more sustainable white label (WL) range offering within its Born2Bond anaerobic adhesives portfolio of engineering adhesives.

Epoxy encapsulant resists arcing without igniting

Electrical arcing is a challenge for numerous electronic or electrical devices; this occurs when electricity jumps from one connection to another, resulting in an electrical breakdown.

Additive manufacturing event returns for 2022

A conference line-up of world-renowned experts from across industry and academia will be sharing the latest trends in the additive manufacturing sector.

Two-part epoxy for electronics enclosure plastics

Permabond Engineering Adhesives has highlighted the benefits of its two-part epoxy ET5428 at the Southern Manufacturing exhibition.

EMKA 'virtual exhibition tour’ of panel hardware

EMKA’s new virtual showroom provides an online tour of EMKA products and applications from an exhibition perspective. Covering all its locks, handles, hinges, gasket and swinghandles, visitors can...

Bionic design fortifies igus plastic bearing solution

Nature can provide engineering with great inspiration: The shape of the new igubal pillow block bearings is based on the design of a tree. Flattened radii ensure maximum strength against mechanical...

New mini-PS4L low-cost probe station

SemiProbe has introduced a new family of small-footprint, low cost probe station for basic characterization for small sample testing of samples from die up to 100mm diameter.

Goodfellow announces materials launch and exclusive partnership with NanoRegMed

Materials supplier Goodfellow has begun a partnership with NanoRegMed that will see Goodfellow supply a new range of exclusive nanomaterials and nanocomposites.

Profile foot bracket from FATH

FATH now offers a fixing bracket to convert square aluminium profile into a vertical post.