Electrical conductivity in adhesive tapes – a major challenge for the future

Lohmann explains the physical basis of its DuploCOLL EC range of electrically- and thermally-conductive adhesive tapes.

Developing a liquid gasket process

Liquid gaskets are an established way of sealing electronic devices, ensuring they are fully protected — even at the join — from water, pressure, vibration or contaminants.

Joining composites

Structural adhesives are powerful solutions for joining dissimilar materials. They can offer significant benefits over fasteners, and their performance now cannot be matched by composite material...

How onshore manufacturing secures the supply chain

by Mark Powell, senior manufacturing director at Optimas

How EVs are changing carbody production

Spanish and UK vehicle body parts manufacturer Gestamp has developed a high-volume hot steel stamping process to form panels and structures. Ignacio Martin, R&D general director, body in white,...

RECOVAS: Influencing the design of products for reuse and recycling

RECOVAS is a ground-breaking project which is part funded by the government’s Advanced Propulsion Centre, looks to create a new circular end-of-life supply chain for the electric vehicle industry....

Enclosure sealing advice

Hints and tips for specialist enclosure manufacturers and vehicle builders by Andy Billingham, managing director of EMKA (UK)

Distribution: better safe than sorry

A few fixing and fastener distributors have branched out into non-production items such as personal protective equipment, PPE. It’s a sign of the times, for more than one reason, reports Will...

Value engineering for motion applications in vehicles by igus

igus says it is using value analysis and value engineering – or VAVE – principles to offer automotive suppliers high performing parts at low prices at a time of fierce cost pressures on the industry.

Safer adhesives: Better for all?

Out of concern for the health and safety of workers and the environment, adhesives suppliers are switching formulations and offering lower-risk alternatives including moving away from solvents. These...

PU’s achilles heel

Time may soon be called on PU structural adhesives for many rail interior applications. However, Henkel is ready with an alternative, reports Ruairi O’Hare, head global strategy aviation, space & rail

What's new in welding

Geoff Melton, TWI technology manager, arc processes and welding engineering, offers a background to the developments and trends in arc welding technology that have been seen recently, with some...