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Elesa UK manufacture and supply standard machine elements for the mechanical engineering industry.

Castors & Wheels
Twin ball race chassis in swivel and total lock variants, and fixed types.

Clamping Knobs
Three arm handwheels and knobs, lobe knobs, wing knobs, and grip knobs.

Clamping Levers
Glass reinforced polyamide, zinc die and stainless steel and adjustable clamping handles.

Control Elements
Knurled control knobs, flanges and scale rings, handwheels, grip and indicator knobs and control levers.

Fixed and Revolving Handles

Safety adjustable handles, knurled knobs, handles and spherical knobs, two-volume revolving handles, revolving handles with antimicrobial protection and safety fold-away handles.

Plastic and metal hinges. Friction brake, tamper proof, built in safety switch and adjustable friction.

Hydraulic Accessories
Plugs, breather caps and level indicators.

Index and Position Elements
With features from safety rest position to locking and cam actions. Ball lock pins and spring plungers.

Toggle Clamps and Latches
Manual and pneumatic versions. Hook clamps with spring over-centre action.

Lift & Pull Handles
Traditional bridge/pull designs and in modern arch styles. Anti-microbial and clean room versions. Safety handles, flush handles and tubular handles,"T" types, grip handles and fold-away types.

Levelling Feet and Conveyor Components
Incorporating a significant amount of vibration damping. Conveyor or flexible automation components, clamp mountings.

Machine Elements
Grub screws and thrust pads to cam locking levers as well as collars, rings and washers. Ball transfer units.

Permanent magnets in sintered hard ferrite, Aluminium nickel cobalt (AINiCo), Samarium cobalt (SmCo) and Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB).

Operating Elements - Handwheels and Crank Handles
Spoked, solid or multi-arm. Single arm crank handles.

Rotary Controls
Gravity position indicators and positive drive indicators with knobs and handwheels. Digital position "box" indicators and electronic counterparts.

Special Purpose Handles
Includes stainless steel and "clean" products for medical and food processing equipment.

Tube Clamps
For the temporary mounting of equipment incorporating slide-through and split type clamps.

Fork Joints
Suitable for the actuation of pneumatic cylinders

Rod Ends
Suitable for rotary, oscillating and linear movements.

Vibration Damping Elements
To damp vibrations, shocks and noises produced by moving bodies or vibrating masses.

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