21 November 2018
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For designers of winter sports equipment, finding the right way to attach foot bindings onto snowboards can sometimes be a case of “straight from one slippery slope to another”. However, in a recent series of evaluations to establish the preferred fastening option, a leading manufacturer of snowboards has settled on Bollhoffs’ RIVNUT blind rivet nuts to achieve the design objectives

Developed specifically to provide a secure, high-strength mounting for threaded nuts or bolts in thin-walled materials where tapped threads won’t work, RIVNUT can be used in both metals and plastics to great effect and is available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit most applications.

In a further example of the versatility of this popular blind fastener, Bollhoff engineers have also been working with the manufacturer of premium-quality roller awnings of the type often found mounted above patios at home and on the sides of trailers and motorhomes. This was another example of a requirement emerging for a high-strength, durable fastener which in this case could be used in the thin-walled section of the articulating arms which extend the awning. Apart from achieving the necessary strength and durability stated in the specification, RIVNUT’s zinc-plated resistance to the elements also proved pivotal in securing the contract. Moreover, by using a blind RIVNUT fastener (instead of the previous method of riveting washers into place and cutting threads into the arms), the manufacturer has also achieved substantial cost savings in the production process too

Boellhoff Ltd

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