02 October 2016
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IEC Fastening Solutions

Problems with vibration and fasteners coming loose? IEC may be able to help with its range of nuts, bolts and washers that address these issues. IEC was founded in 1938 to bring to Great Britain some of the technological developments being made elsewhere in the world. Since then IEC has been solving technical problems and supplying cost effective and precise solutions for a wide range of applications.

Do you have problems with vibration or fasteners coming loose for a myriad of other reasons? IEC may be able to help with its flexible range of nuts, bolts and washers that address these issues.

IEC are the approved distributor of the well-regarded Schnorr Safety and Load Washers, designed to protect your system from the effects of vibration or joint relaxation in the most efficient manner without breaking the bank or compromising effectiveness. These washers are available in various materials and finishes, in sizes from M1.6 to M36 depending on type. Comparative tests we commissioned show that if properly installed they are more than a match for other more complicated and expensive products.

In some applications, especially bearings, it is necessary to be able to finely adjust a nut to provide a preload that won’t come loose under high revolutions. For these applications the Fuji Bearing Locknut is a reliable and effective performer, the nut doing its job without the need for keyways or other external locks. It is available in carbon and stainless steel, sized from M8 to M100.

New for this year are the Abis KM bearing locknuts, supplementing the popular Fuji locknuts with their ability to variably preload a bearing and enabling IEC to cover all your bearing retention requirements.

IEC also offer a range of secure nuts, bolts and washers that are vibration proof and tamper resistant. These fasteners utilise a patented wedge design to convert a horizontal movement to vertical force, locking them in place. Able to be used with standard tools, the washers can also be paired with standard nuts and bolts giving great flexibility. An innovative additional washer and socket arrangement makes the Secure Bolt System a tamper/theft resistant fastener that is highly suitable for use in public areas where vandalism or theft can be dangerous.

IEC, Schnorr, Fuji, Abis, SBS. Secure names in an uncertain world.


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