13 August 2018
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Ensuring the security of your bolted joint is critical, especially when work is undertaken by non-specialist staff. With products such as locking washers it is crucial they are assembled correctly otherwise the bolted joint will not be secure, leading to potential accidents or downtime. The innovative HEICO-LOCK® RING LOCK washers solve this problem with ease.

The HEICO-LOCK® RING LOCK system combines the proven bolt security qualities of the HEICO-LOCK® WEDGE LOCK WASHERS with an outer polyamide (PA) ring that ensures that the 2 component parts of the washer system are permanently held in the correct position.

The HEICO-LOCK® WEDGE LOCK WASHERS consist of a pair of washers that have wedge shaped cams on the inside surface and radial teeth on the outside. When used correctly movement is only possible between the inner wedge shaped cams. As the height of these cams is greater than the pitch of the bolt thread any movement effectively self-locks the bolt.

When a joint is disassembled, particularly during routine maintenance, the totally reusable washers can be re-applied but if this is done with the internal cams now facing outwards the locking power of the system is lost.

The innovative solution from HEICO is to use the outer polyamide ring to ensure that the two separate parts are not separated and so are always re-applied in the correct position, ensuring that the anti-vibration security of the HEICO-LOCK® system is maintained.

This user friendly system is ideal for use by non-specialist staff or where space is tight and having to handle separate components is tricky.The blue PA ring is also a simple visual indicator that the RING-LOCK system is in place, again ideal for use in maintenance situations.

Available in sizes ranging from M4 – M24 in both steel and stainless and suitable for use with high tensile bolts of grade 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 this innovative answer to achieving simple bolt security, even with extremes of vibration or dynamic loads, provides added security to your application.

Heico Fasteners UK Ltd

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Heico Fasteners UK Ltd


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