01 December 2010
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Adhesive tapes are becoming a preferred bonding solution

With more companies turning to adhesive tapes as their preferred bonding solution, acrylic foam tapes (AFT) specialist Lynvale has launched a new range into its portfolio of technical adhesive tapes.

Acrylic foam tapes provide extremely quick and strong bonding solutions, which are fast replacing the use of mechanical fasteners.

The company tell us that acrylic foam tapes eliminate weak points by distributing the stress along the bond line and offer high strength on bonds subjected to dynamic shear. When bonding with acrylic foam tape, a simultaneous seal is achieved in one process, which prevents the ingress of water, dirt and chemicals.

January Baxendale of Lynvale claimed: "By introducing adhesive tapes and in particular acrylic foam tape to their production processes, businesses are reducing the expensive need for skilled labour and increasing productivity as adhesive tapes can be applied quickly with little or no waste and minimal training."

Lynvale offers a range of clear, white and grey AFT, including a high temperature version, which is used widely in powder coating processes. There is also a low temperature AFT which can be applied in temperatures as low as 0°C.

Paul Gay


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