Fastening & Assembly Solutions And Technology Products

Exciting new fastening product launches, fastening technology developments and product application uses in bonding and assembly within the manufacturing industry.

Orbital spin riveter

Bifurcated & Tubular Rivet has added an orbital spin riveter to its range.

Ultrasonic bolt meter

Measurement of the torque applied to a bolt or other threaded fastener during tightening provides sufficient feedback in most applications.

Cable clamps

M. Buttkeriet is promoting its range of polyamide cable clamps designed to hold and support power cables used in various applications.

Latch for joining variety of panel thicknesses

The swell latch developed by Savigny Oddie is described by Chris Healey as a one-piece, quick-release fastener for joining a variety of panel ...

Captive screws

A new range of captive screws has been launched by Rino Industries.

High-security threaded lock system

Specialty Fasteners & Components is promoting the McGard range of high-security locking wheel nuts.

Light production welding solutions

The new Tradesmigs (171, 201, and 251) ranges of step-regulated power sources for MIG/MAG welding has been made available by Murex Welding Products.

Crystal clear adhesives

New ultra-violet curable liquid crystal display application adhesives have been announced by Dymax, a product partner of the adhere brand at ...

Push-pull fasteners

A range of case-hardened spring steel clips that can be snapped into circular holes from the front of a framework or riveted to the framework is ...

Compression limiters

Two new series of compression limiters have been launched by Spirol Industries for moulded-in applications.

Cover caps

A series of hexagon and socket head cover caps has been introduced by Rino Industries.

Pin hinge

EMKA has found that for infrequently used access panels, where a quick lift-off facility is needed, a spring-loaded pin hinge is "the optimal ...

Self-drilling screws

Emhart Teknologies has launched a branded line of Parker-Kalon self-drilling screws.

Locking lid stay meets water standards

Compliance with standards and regulations is very much an important issue with WPL, based in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

Dual bowl and turret tool system

PEM has announced the development of the series 2000 automatic press that accommodates a dual bowl option and the QX turret tool system "to allow ...

Handles for curved surfaces

The difficulty of fixing a lifting handle to a drum or a pull handle to a curved drawer has been overcome, claims Elesa, by the introduction of its ...

Epoxy resin system

Master Bond has developed an epoxy resin system (EP121CL) for use up to 260ºC.

Primer for pedestal adhesives

Chemique Adhesives and Sealants has developed the 'Universal Primer' to work in conjunction with its Polyped range of pedestal adhesives.

Locking screws

Arnold Umformtechnik is promoting its Powerlok range of locking screws that feature a trilobular thread.

Light-weight dispensing valve

The Fisnar CV629 cartridge valve, available from Intertronics, is pneumatically operated for the dispensing of fluids - ultra-violet adhesives, ...

Hinges get the ‘fit’ right

Getting the door 'fit' right is a problem for producers of standard and specialist enclosures, says Andy Billingham, EMKA.

Solvent-free adhesive range simplified

The Solfre2 range of solvent-free adhesives, developed by Chemique Adhesives and Sealants, has been simplified, the company has announced.

Protective caps

A range of caps, manufactured in Germany by Radolid, is being distributed in this country by James Walker RotaBolt "as part of the company's joint ...

Adhesive for harsh supply chain applications

"The latest 'buzz' in supply chain management is the move to RFID (radio frequency identification)", reports Peter Swanson, Intertronics

Adhesive range relaunched

Axil Adhesives has announced that its ranges of adhesives have been relaunched.

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