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Exciting new fastening product launches, fastening technology developments and product application uses in bonding and assembly within the manufacturing industry.

Secure bolt system

IEC has announced that it has launched the SBS (Secure Bolt System) which it describes as a reusable self-locking system that can be used where a ...

Innovative solution for tractor door hinge problems

A new tractor has been designed with a very large (1.30m) glass door and, since the aesthetics of the entire machine - especially the door parts - ...

Structural blind rivets

A new range of high-strength structural blind rivets - the G-bulb - has been developed by Gesipa Blind Riveting Systems.

Desk-top dispenser

Glue Dots International is launching its Dot-O-Matic desk-top dispenser.

Custom spring design service

A new 'custom springs direct service' has been introduced by Lee Spring.

Gas welding and cutting

A CD has been produced by Murex Welding Products which offers a guide to the Saffire range of gas welding and cutting equipment.

Self-pierce rivets gain more customers

Henrob reports that it has seen an increase in enquiries in recent months "as companies look at alternative, energy-saving assembly methods".

Captive nuts for sheet metal

The KAPti-nut is a high-strength, captive, threaded fastener system - a range of nuts permanently attached to a panel or component by a mechanical ...

Presenter system for blind rivets

Nasco Industries, based in the United States, claims to have solved the problem for companies having to choose between blind riveting systems that ...

New Plug Range

Rino Industries has introduced a range of plugs

Welding machines

Murex Welding Products has announced the introduction of its Tradestig 150 and Tradestig 220 TIG welding machines which feature an impact-resistant ...

Superglues should not be taken for granted

Cyanoacrylate adhesives - known generally as 'superglues' - are used in many industrial applications but, according to Peter Swanson, 'adhere' brand ...

Cylinder swinghandle combats vandalism

Dirak has introduced a new anti-vandalism cylinder swinghandle. The company highlights the product's features as follows:

Adhesives distributor catalogue

An 88-page illustrated catalogue from Kingdom Industrial Supplies details a wide range of adhesives among the fastening products listed.

Floating access hardware

A captive screw assembly for permanent installation into panels of any hardness with the capability of compensating for up to 1.52mm mating thread ...

Inject/eject mechanisms aid board assembly

Southco has announced the introduction of a new family of inject/eject mechanisms for circuit boards.

Hand tool for rivet nuts and studs

MEMFast is promoting the use of its hand tool for the installation of rivet nuts and studs.

Lever-operated compression latch

Compression latch technology such as that recently introduced by EMKA "has significant advantages in the closure of doors on electronic racks, ...

‘Instant’ adhesives get even more instant

"Generic cyanoacrylates have earned the reputation of being 'instant' adhesives thanks to their ability to be used immediately with little ...

Compression latch

The new 1-081SL compression latch, introduced by Dirak, offers a compression range of up to 12mm. "This is much greater than other latches", says ...

Flexible anaerobic gasket

ThreeBond has announced the release of its TB1133E anaerobic gasket. "We are building on the benefit of anaerobics to be dispensed and then permit ...

Threaded insert promoted by ‘supercar’

The Caparo T1 car was displayed last week to customers and suppliers of Armstrong Precision Components at the ArmaCoil manufacturing plant in Hull. ...

Screws for electronic, electrical, and chemical applications

Listed by Rino Industries as being among "ideal applications" for its new range of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) screws are uses in the ...

Wing handle

The 1000-U753 is a polyamide wing handle with polyamide barrel and cam for closure of enclosures and cabinets.

Self-clinching nuts for the edges of thin metal sheets

PEM SMPS self-clinching nuts can be mounted permanently in "ultra-thin" metal sheets (0.025in) while maintaining edge of sheet to centre of fastener ...

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