Fastening & Assembly Solutions And Technology Products

Exciting new fastening product launches, fastening technology developments and product application uses in bonding and assembly within the manufacturing industry.

Fasteners for thin sheet metal

The SEI series of nylon 6/6 fasteners, introduced by Richco International is stated to provide strong threads in metal sheets that are too thin to be ...

Tapes for bonding difficult materials

A new range of tapes for bonding difficult materials has been launched by Coating & Converting Solutions.

Acrylic and threadlocking adhesives

Henkel has introduced Loctite 3038, a two-component structural acrylic adhesive that has been formulated to join difficult-to-bond substrates to ...

Thread identifier

The 'Thread Detective' is described by Chris Healey, Savigny Oddie, as a "precise and easy-to-use thread identifier for nuts and bolts.

T-handle latch

A new T-handle latch has been introduced by Dirak.

Brass inserts for plastic mouldings

The SuperTorq and SuperTorqLite ranges of hexagonal and square inserts "for softer plastics and more demanding applications" are highlighted by ...

UV/visible light cure

The 30F-404 one-component adhesive from ThreeBond can be cured by ultra-violet light and/or visible light between 200Nm and 400Nm.

Three-digit combination locks

The Fort range of three-digit combination locks is available from EMKA.

Spot-curing system

Information can be obtained from Intertronics on its Dymax Blue Wave LED (light-emitting diode) visible light, high-intensity, spot-curing system ...

Posts and screws

Micro Plastics International has announced the introduction of a new post and screw product combination.

Electric motors: bonding of components

The 1359E adhesive, recently introduced by ThreeBond Europe, is stated to be especially suited to use in electric motors.

Hand tool for use with breakstem rivets

Avdel has introduced a range of light-weight hydropneumatic hand tools for assembly operations that use breakstem rivets and lock-bolts.

Rod ends

Rino Industries is promoting its ranges of rod ends.

Machine offers spiral and orbital forming methods

Spiralform is described by Orbitform Europe as a new fastening process that allows the assembly of products using a 360º, eleven-sided forming ...

New fastener developed for solar plant construction

The power generation process at the Kuryamat solar power plant 90k south of Cairo, Egypt - due for completion next year - begins by solar panels ...

New catalogue offers 11,000 products

Plastic Parts Centre has launched its 2008/9 catalogue which features 11,000 products, 1500 of which are new.

Bonding and sealing dispensing equipment

Precise assembly of electronic components and small products and the bonding and sealing of electrical assemblies, batteries, lamps, and power ...

Single-component tape-fastener

Velcro Limited has announced the introduction of the Ultra-Mate SC2 which it describes as "a unique single-component tape-fastener".

Hinge helps to protect people

Many specialist racks, cabinets, and cases do not require sealing against water ingress because of their location.

Anti-vandalism swinghandle

The latest stainless steel swinghandle launched by Dirak is listed by the company as having the following features:

Secure bolt system

IEC has announced that it has launched the SBS (Secure Bolt System) which it describes as a reusable self-locking system that can be used where a ...

Innovative solution for tractor door hinge problems

A new tractor has been designed with a very large (1.30m) glass door and, since the aesthetics of the entire machine - especially the door parts - ...

Structural blind rivets

A new range of high-strength structural blind rivets - the G-bulb - has been developed by Gesipa Blind Riveting Systems.

Desk-top dispenser

Glue Dots International is launching its Dot-O-Matic desk-top dispenser.

Custom spring design service

A new 'custom springs direct service' has been introduced by Lee Spring.

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