18 April 2017
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Anti-seize in a stick

A new lubricant from Henkel, LOCTITE LB 8065, is an anti-seize in the form of a stick for clean, fast and easy application.

LOCTITE Anti-Seize is said to ease both assembly and disassembly of close-fitting metal surfaces, such as interference fits and threaded joints, by reducing friction and wear on critical operating equipment.

At the same time, torque – a consistent bolt tension – is also achieved by using anti-seize materials, even in performance extremes. They are formulated for use in harsh industrial conditions, including high temperatures, heavy loads, chemical environments, pounding and vibration.

Typical applications for the semi-solid, copper-based LOCTITE LB 8065 include original equipment and maintenance, embracing the automotive industry, as well as equipment associated with transportation, power plants and foundries. “Indeed, anywhere there is a need to protect metal threaded connections,” states the company. “The composition of Henkel anti-seizes means they are suitable for static and boundary friction conditions generated by a combination of low speed and high pressure, as they effectively prevent direct contact between parts.”

Used to shield metal parts from corrosion, thread galling and seizing, LOCTITE LB 8065 is described as ideal for use on a furnace door hinge (to prevent it from seizing in the heat), heat exchangers, steam lines, exhaust bolts, brake calipers, shoes and cams, wheel bolts and nuts and many other standard assemblies. It can be used in applications with a temperature range from -30OC to +980oC, making it suitable for maintenance use all year round. “All mated parts, studs, bolts, flanges and gaskets are removed more easily and in a cleaner and better condition where this anti-seize has been used,” adds Henkel.

Brian Wall

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