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If music be the ‘spike’ of life…

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of audio and hi-fi furniture has turned to specialist ‘speaker spikes’ for a clear advantage.

Captivating concept

Delays on the assembly line where separate bolts, washers and nuts are involved can be deeply frustrating – and expensive. Here’s one solution that ...

Bollhoff UK merger is boost for OEMs

Leading fastening innovators and suppliers Bollhoff Fastenings and Bollhoff Armstrong have merged in the UK to form Bollhoff Ltd, effective from 1 ...

The secret behind great theatre

We often gasp and applaud at what we see on the stage. The same might happen, were we to observe the engineering that takes place ‘behind the scenes’

Fastener story has a real twist

One of the many advantages of fastenings is that they can serve a multitude of disparate demands. The principle of securing the situation is all that ...

Joining forces for sustainable industrial solutions

Clariant has formed a new partnership with Neste, a provider of sustainable renewable diesel and an expert in delivering drop-in renewable chemical ...

Fixed at a clip

Recessed pull handles can offer a whole range of benefits and advantages.

Low noise sliding slam latch

?The new DIRAK sliding slam latch from FDB Panel Fittings provides a low noise secure door closure mechanism for internal doors, cupboards etc.

Showing plenty of flare

PEM SFN spinning flare nuts from PennEngineering become permanently captivated upon installation in thin metal sheets.

Techsil and M-tec merger complete

UK-based Techsil has announced that, following its acquisition of aerospace and defence industry suppliers M-tec in May 2017, the two companies have ...

Latching on to toggle and hook

Toggle latches, over-centre catches, wire toggles, spring catches etc are a common quick action method.

Ex-stock socket screws and bolts

Specialist threaded fasteners are available ex-stock from Challenge Europe in high grades of material.

Ex-stock socket screws and bolts make the grade

Specialist threaded fasteners, now available ex-stock from Challenge Europe in high grades of material, include socket screws for production.

Feel the power

The ‘go anywhere’ performance of Elesa standard components have proved a real boon for one customer.

FAST Live Autumn 2018 Photo Gallery

Photo highlights from the Autumn 2018 FAST Live exhibition held at Imperial War Museum, Duxford.

Balloon goes up on threaded inserts

Sales at threaded insert manufacturer Fitsco have been high this year, says the company, but now have quite literally gone stratospheric.

Put to the test

Nobody wants to see adhesively bonded fasteners falling off unexpectedly. bigHead has taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Compression latch – now also in black

?The standard DIRAK compression latch from FDB Panel Fittings is now also available in black.

Dovetailing beautifully for precise positioning

Design engineers and manufacturing managers are constantly looking for improved positioning accuracy on production lines.

Magnetic attractions

The bonding of magnets in any application calls for precision and longevity of the solution – not always an easy combination to achieve.

Confidence and support screwed down

Screws from Challenge Europe come in an extensive range of general and niche ex-stock products, each with its own special features.


On show for the first time at the forthcoming FAST Exhibition are new ranges of adhesive tape products which have been developed for use in the ...

Benefits – at speed!

Techsil provided Speed Plastics with a flexible silicone adhesive and a fast, reliable, consistent dispensing solution in the manufacture of a smoke ...

Greeting the onset of ONSERT

A unique partnership between mechanical fastening experts Bollhoff and adhesives manufacturer DELO has been bringing benefits to design engineering ...

Ringing the changes

When a customer was searching for a solution to a tricky problem, TFC’s engineers had the answer.

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