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The latest news and updates from the fastening, bonding and assembly manufacturing industry.
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Hinged on success

FDB Panel Fittings include the 180°/270° 40mm hinges to be found in its Online Store portfolio ( for use on ...


The Mars 2020 mission will seek the answer to a massive question – is there the potential for human habitation on Mars? As for the mission itself, ...

Your chance to win a helicopter ride for two

The latest news, products and processes from the Henkel surface treatment specialists is now available to everyone via the recently launched, ...

Lifting expectations

The EMKA 1390 lifthandle is a mere 38mm wide and 260mm long, yet offers full multi-point rod lock security for specialist cabinets and enclosures.

Seminar event that’s a must

Anyone with an interest in fastenings and associated technologies should consider attending a one-day seminar event that is to be held in London this ...

'LeePing' ahead

?Lee Spring is now offering its LeeP complete plastic composite spring range ex-stock in the UK and Germany.

Medical grade potting epoxy unveiled

Techsil has added epoxy-based adhesive Structalit 8801 to its portfolio of medical grade adhesives.

Henkel unveils dedicated website

Henkel is lifting the wraps on its new online platform for functional coatings.

The PEMHEX effect

PEMHEX self-clinching prevailing torque locknuts from PennEngineering integrate a trademarked blue nylon hexagonal insert designed to prevent mating ...

Comfort and style amidst the elements

The expected parameters of precision, grip and strength all complement today’s range of high-tech, high-precision manufacturing machinery.

Freedom and performance without the cord!

STANLEY Engineered Fastening has launched a new range of POP Avdel cordless riveting tools.

New dispensing component sample kits launched

Fisnar has launched two new dispensing component sample kits: QK-CSK and QK-NSK.

New, flexible, light curing adhesive launched

Many plastics are difficult to bond, due to their low surface energy. One particular example are PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) thermoplastics.

New eco-PEN330 dispenser

New from Intertronics is the preeflow eco-PEN330 volumetric dosing pump.

Awash with solutions

Challenge Europe not only offers a very wide range of standard ex-stock same-day despatch washers, but also special washers to customer drawings.

Pot and protect

Epoxy potting and encapsulation compounds protect electronic assemblies from many environmental factors, such as water, harsh chemicals, physical ...

Complete ex-stock compression springs

Taking a ‘complete spring’ approach to Lee Spring’s extensive range of standard compression springs will yield major benefits, said the company.

Manufacturers’ route to added value

Challenge Europe has been outlining how working closely with manufacturers pays dividends for its customers in the added value of an experienced ...

Universal key for railway applications

The universal railway key from FDB Panel Fittings offers a single piece with the four common key types to save on carry weight.

Taking the plunge

?WDS Component Parts has extended its range of spring plungers with the introduction of a new series of cam action versions.

It's FAST, Live and 'a must visit' event

The FAST Exhibition is back, but with a new look... as FAST Live!

New online lock offering

The new 1336 Camlock from FDB’s online store is said to offer a simple, quick locking solution for small enclosures, cases, lockers etc.

Pinning your hopes on expertise

For what appears to be a simple product, the specification of engineering pins can be a surprisingly difficult matter.

Getting a better angle on things

New PEM S-RT self-clinching free-running locknuts from PennEngineering feature a modified thread angle.

Camloc nurtures future industry talent

Camloc has formed a strong partnership with Leicester College to provide first-hand experience to ‘Industrial Cadets’.

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