10 January 2018
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tesa’s in-line solution is just the ticket

When a plastic extrusions manufacturer was looking to increase production on a specific line of display profiles, the company turned to tesa UK for advice.

In grocery retail, the clear and effective display of pricing, promotions and offers is key to influencing customer buying and spending habits. With goods moving quickly off the shelves, prices fluctuating and displays often being relocated, having shelf edge ticket strips that can be easily and securely applied, re-used and replaced is essential and demand for these products is on the increase.

Tasked with meeting increasing production capacity, the manufacturer undertook a review of its throughput capabilities, asking for tesa to provide consultation on how it might reduce and optimise the steps involved and integrate double-sided tape solutions within its manufacturing processes.

Prior to the review, once the PVC profiles were extruded and cool enough to handle, adhesive tape was applied by hand using a 50m roll of tape before the products were laminated.

The various manual steps involved proved somewhat laborious and time intensive. What’s more, the frequent stops required to replace the shorter reels of adhesive tape disrupted the flow of production and limited final output.

Neil Walker, sales area manager at tesa UK, visited the company’s offices to review the current bonding application and highlight the benefits of setting up a tesa dispensing and laminating system in the extrusion line, using tesa 51970, which would allow the tape to run continuously and more efficiently.

Due to its excellent combination of high tack and adhesion which provides a secure bond on Rigid PVC materials, tesa 51970 was identified as the ideal solution. Subsequently, tesa’s spool dispensers were fitted with 1500m rolls of 25mm tesa 51970.

Commenting on the advantages of tesa’s in-line solution, Walker said: “Supplying the tape spool wound on dispensers has allowed rapid integration on the production line, resulting in greater time efficiencies, less downtime, less material waste, and a significant increase in volume production.”

With tesa’s new solution, the number of tape changes has dropped significantly from an average of twelve to one per hour – equating to a saving of 12m of potential scrap in the same timescale – helping the customer improve performance and maintain their competitive edge.

Brian Wall

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