04 January 2019
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Improving precision in handheld dispensing

To help manufacturers improve consistency and accuracy when dispensing structural adhesives and other materials, adhesives specialist Intertronics is distributing the Fisnar DTD50multi-ratio 2K dispense tool.

The pneumatically-controlled dispenser can help manufacturers improve precision when dispensing two component materials with 50ml side-by-side cartridges.

The DTD50 has a simple design, so that manufacturers can apply accurate and repeatable fluid deposits to a component. It is described as “the industry’s lightest 50ml multi-dispense tool”, weighing around 280g. “Its light weight and durable design makes it ideal for handheld use,” adds Intertronics. It can also be used in automation or fitted to a robot for hands-free dispensing.

“Traditionally, two-part adhesives in 50ml cartridges are dispensed using a manual dispensing gun,” explained Peter Swanson, managing director of Intertronics. “This equipment is inexpensive and efficient when manufacturers sample a material or only require it in small quantities. However, using manual dispensing tools on a larger production scale can cause operator fatigue and repetitive strain injury (RSI). Manufacturers can invest in the Fisnar DTD50 to help improve accuracy and consistency during large-scale production, while alleviating the symptoms of RSI.”

This dispensing tool is suitable for all 50ml cartridges, and is configured to dispense 1:1 and 2:1 ratio material. Manufacturers can also convert the tool to dispense 4:1 and 10:1 ratio material, using an included piston. Users can safely secure pistons in a storage area at the rear of the tool when it is not in use.

The Fisnar DTD50 is now available to purchase from Intertronics. For more information on which dispensing equipment and materials are best suited to your process, you can contact one of Intertronics’ specialists on 01865 842 842 or visit www.intertronics.co.uk.

Brian Wall

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