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In-depth technology reports, case studies and feature articles on fastening, bonding and assembly within manufacturing.

Single-source solutions for manufacturing

If you’re a director or a manager in a manufacturing company, it may seem at times that you’re under intense pressure to increase performance and ...

Supporting professional solutions, day or night

Tradesmen realise more than most the impact of lighter evenings and warmer mornings in the UK.

Bearing preload – and why it matters

?When assembling individual bearing components, the outer race, inner race, balls and retainer all work together.


When designers at a leading manufacturer of professional and domestic aluminium ladders needed safety-critical fasteners that they could rely on for ...

Retaining the edge

Whether the need is for added corrosion resistance or a change to the appearance of a part, TFC offers a range of finishing processes to ensure that ...

Improving precision in handheld dispensing

To help manufacturers improve consistency and accuracy when dispensing structural adhesives and other materials, adhesives specialist Intertronics is ...

Corrosion-proof fastener solves slippery issue

For designers of winter sports equipment, finding the right way to attach foot bindings onto snowboards can sometimes be a case of ‘straight from one ...

Jewel in tesa’s crown

One of tesa’s main distributors in the South West is celebrating its Ruby anniversary this year.

Setting the pace

Henkel has consistently introduced new developments for industrial applications at successive Southern Manufacturing shows.

tesa keeps safety on track

As more and more people take to the train, passenger safety has never been more critical.

Improving precision in handheld dispensing

To help manufacturers improve consistency and accuracy when dispensing structural adhesives and other materials, adhesives specialist Intertronics is ...


?With a vast array of clamping, positioning and workholding methods available, how do you go about choosing the right one? FAST asks norelem UK’s ...

Day-to-day challenges of an integrated fastener expert

In engineering, a lot of focus is centred on complex systems and assemblies.

The deal is sealed

A bespoke Form-in-Place Foam Gasketing service provided to TRT Lighting by Techsil has successfully delivered an IP-rated seal for the lid of an ...

Eradicating the risks

In these days when heightened risk is to be found in so many aspects of our daily lives, designing in security has become paramount.

Mounting an offensive

A customised clip system that has transformed the installation of removable panels in the interiors of yachts is now extending its reach into ...

Rejecting the rejects issue

The automobile manufacturing industry places high demands on suppliers with regard to process reliability, quality and efficiency.

Weighty matters

Vehicle lightweighting has become a ‘must have’ for motor manufacturers – and adhesive tapes are now delivering advantages over traditional ...

UL 94 – why the fuss?

Underwriters Laboratories is an independent, product safety testing and certification organisation. Its evaluation and approval can make a huge ...

Winning fixture!

When Premier League superstar Manchester City was having problems with its extended electric vehicles, a powerful – and yet highly flexible – ...

Living life to the full

It is taken for granted that both customer and manufacturer want the maximum life for the product. But how to achieve this?

Climbing the heights

Böllhoff’s RIVKLE blind rivet nuts have been helping climbers take big steps forward when it comes to maintaining their skills and fitness levels

Packing a punch

?tesa has introduced a new double-sided tape especially designed for reclosure on tape top doy packs.

Showing forty-tude!

One company celebrating four decades in the industry looks back on how things have changed – and takes a glimpse into the future to see where we may ...

Here’s health

Reducing the discharge of hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process is vital for the well-being of communities and the protection of the ...

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